Willow Bend

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The Story

Willow Bend Mall is a 1.4 million-square-foot, two-level mall located in Plano, Texas, and was acquired in 2022 by Cawley Partners, Centennial, and Waterfall Asset Management. Conceptual redevelopment plans for the 107-acre site are in progress. The images shown here are early-stage development opportunities. Plans will evolve as we work with the City of Plano and area residents to design and develop a project that best serves the community.

The Location

  • 10 Mile
  • Fourteen5 • Phase II
240,000 SF
  • HQ53
250,000 SF
  • Kirkwood Oaks
200,000 SF
  • Tate + Toll
300,000 SF
  • The Diplomat
  • Work Grandscape
1,500,000 SF